WINE 2.0 - 4P

Sweeper 4 cylinders 2 sides

Double sweeper of Perendreu model WINE 2.0 4P with a standard chassis with four hydraulic cylinders and two manual functions; principal elevation of the sweeper with hydraulic cylinders with hydraulic lock valve, hydraulic flow regulators and greasers in all the joints, header manual system extension using bolt mounting, manual regulation of the fron angle with various mounting points.

The sweeper head with floating system and adjustable for a perfect adaptation to the terrain, security system anti-hit for protection of the machine, the serial head with 350mm plate with 3 positions. Comfortable tractor system hitch with special Perendreu self centering. adjustable trestle in height ofr making an easy hooking and unhooking to the tractor (wheels included).

With the machine is supplied: Manufacturer plate, CE Certificate.


The dimensions correspond to the standard 350mm plate.

Sweeper 4 cylinders 2 sides